Venturer Scouts

Welcome to the Manly Lota Venturer Scouts
(Girls and Boys aged 15 to 17 years)
For Adventure, Challenge and Excitement!

For information about recreational camps and training courses
available to Queensland Venturers
Visit the Queensland Venturer bulletin board:
Venturer Scouts Forum
Adventurous Activities
Exploring a cave, learning to fly, climbing a sheer rock face, fencing, shooting, orienteering, camping and hiking
Personal Growth
Editing your own film, making a sculpture, discussing real-life issues
Leadership Development
Become a Queen's Scout
Develop leadership and management skills - prepare for your career!
Community Involvement
Get your First Aid Certificate, help out local community groups, work with environmental groups
In Venturer Scouts you can do this and lots more, depending on your time and interests. It is the Youth Members, not the adults, who plan and run the activities. Each Venturer Scout Unit is managed by its own Unit Council. The Adult Leader is part of the Council, and is there to offer guidance and support.
Venturer Scouts meet on Sunday nights from 7:00pm to 9:00pm (except on school holidays).
For information on the Manly Lota Scout Group please contact 

Kiwi/JJ Cowley (Assistant Group Leader) ph. 0401 460 711
Margaret Miller (Group Leader) ph. 0408 873 753
James Hayne,
27 Feb 2013, 20:10